Have I ever thought about my books being made into movies one day… yes, yes I have and I already know which actors I want to play which roles and have played all the movies in their entirety in my mind. Honestly, when I was writing my first book, ‘Wrath of God’, I was writing my main character Kyle Palmer with the actor Jeremy Renner in mind. He is what I saw in my head as I wrote the character and I think he is just perfect… and if anybody wanted to make a movie about my life then I would pick him to play me as well, hehe… but seriously, he personifies my character so well and it would be the greatest thing ever if one day he did play the role… can you even imagine? In my ‘As Shadows Trilogy’ I have given most of my characters dream actors but there are two roles that just really stand out to me and I think fit amazingly. The first is my main character James Crowley which I would like to be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I have always liked him as an actor but it was his brilliant role in Sin City 2 that sold it for me. I was watching the movie and thought to myself, ‘that is the actor I want playing James Crowley.’ Like Jeremy Renner he plays the dark emotion, the conflicted personality and also the lighter joker in the same breadth. While writing my new series, ‘While Gods Whisper’ I struggled to find an actor that could accurately portray my main character Kol in my opinion but then I watched the amazing new series, ‘Preacher’ and I was sold with Dominic Cooper. Wow, he played an amazing role, mastered the different levels to the character and just had the exact look and feel that I was looking for. To those who have read my books, do you agree with my actor choices? Who do you think could be better? Who do you have as dream actors in your stories? Let me know!

See Dominic Cooper in the amazing first season of Preacher.



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