All will be well

Tattoos…… I am super nerdy but I have nine tattoos….. sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and I am all like, ‘wow, I am such a badass, maybe I should join a gang.’ It would be a very nerdy gang but our handshake would be awesome. Anyways… every year on my birthday I get myself a tattoo as my own gift to myself. I get a new inspirational quote in a different language. One of them is in Thai and reads ‘All will be well.’ Next to it is the Blue Lantern symbol. ‘All will be well’ is the catchphrase of the Blue Lanterns from DC comics. Like Green Lantern that most people know, who use green energy of will to power their rings, the blue lanterns use the power of hope. The most famous Blue Lantern is the first Saint Walker and his constant optimism and unwavering faith in himself and others inspired me through many dark times. The blue lanterns make green lanterns stronger and yellow lanterns(fear) weaker by proximity. I have tried to live like that, live with hope, inspire people to act on their dreams and weaken their fears. In all the difficult things that life throws at me I like to stand tall and say confidently, ‘All will be well.’ It is a philosophy and a feeling I used in my book with Casey being the light of James Crowley and his hope in the darkness. So while I work on a secret handshake, you all think of a cool gang name and if any body comes on our turf…. Well…… All will be well.



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