White birdlike wings, halos and bathed in bright light… Thats how a lot of people see angels. Some see them as warriors of God, some as guardians and some as watchers of the world. I am a big fan of angels and all the different mythology surrounding them. I have a lot of angel references in all my writing. My first and probably biggest is in my first book, ‘Wrath of God’. My main character takes the name Za’aphael as his assassin name. Za’aphiel means ‘Wrath of God’ hence the book title and was said to be the angel that was sent to kill those with whom god was angered. In some texts they believe Azrael, the angel of death killed those in egypt who hadn’t marked their doors but other texts say Azrael just reaped the dead souls but it was Za’aphael who delivered Gods wrath. I mostly use angel references to convey the certain emotions I need in the scene. For example, when my one character found out her husband was cheating on her she sat crying in front of a painting. The painting was titled, ‘Cassiel Sad’ and depicted the angel Cassiel weeping. Cassiel is said to be the watcher angel of the Gregori Sect that is responsible for watching humanity and recording their sins. It is said that he cries as he writes the sins down and that the world will only know peace when Cassiel stops crying. Another painting of an angel I used was that of Jezekiel. Chase painted it in my As Shadows Trilogy and it helped awaken his light. Jezekiel is said to have a heart of pure gold that contains all the love that God has for humanity. She is the angel of love. Also in my As Shadows Trilogy is Penemue Gardens, a place where scholars, artists and writers go to explore their art and interact with like minded individuals. It is a place of learning and enlightenment. Penemue was also a Gregori watcher angel but it is written that he was one of the first angels to interact with humanity and was the angel of wisdom. He taught humanity art and how to turn words into poetry. I have some other angel references I intend on using, I find them great ways to empower the scene and mood I need. What angel should I use next? Hmmmm, time to do more angeology research…



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