Ask Cain: Character Interview

So I did this in my brain and now I’m sharing it with you… I sat down in my mind with Cain, the character from ‘As Shadows Scream’ and asked him a couple questions… here is the interview:

Me: ‘Cain, hello… So depending where people have read up to in As Shadows Scream, you could either be alive or dead… what are you right now?

Cain: ‘I am a part of your imagination and if you don’t hurry up with this I’m going to start killing the people in your memories

Me: ‘you can do that?

Cain: ‘You need a therapist more than I do. Ask your questions.’

Me: ‘Okay… Tv series are really big at the moment, Game of Thrones, Walking dead… do you have anything you binge watch?’

Cain: ‘I watch the fear in my victims eyes. Abel likes Scooby Doo.

Me: ‘Do you have a favourite colour?’

Cain: ‘Blood red, ask a better question or I will kill you.’

Me: ‘Do you feel any remorse for the lives you have taken?’

Cain: ‘I’m going to kill you now.’

Me: ‘Wait, one more question for now…’

Cain: ‘Apparently I don’t have a choice… ask…’

Me: ‘If you could change one thing, anything, in your past… what would it be?’

Cain: ‘Kill my parents slower… cut up my father piece by piece…’

Me: ‘Okay, gee, well thank you for the inter- wait what are doing with that knife? NO STOP!’



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