Author Interview: Shimaira

Welcome to my first author interview, hopefully this won’t be like my first character interview(Cain) where I had my life threatened…
Kylen: ‘Just to make sure, you aren’t threatening my life are you?’

Shimaira: I don’t threaten people’s lives–I trust karma to deal with the people I don’t like. And hey, I like you

Great, now for some questions that I and many of your readers I’m sure would like to know the answers to…

1) Do you ever feel guilty about what you write? For what you do to your characters, for the emotions you put your readers through or the content of your story?

I know I am supposed to say yes… but no. I get a very sadistic form of pleasure from making my readers squirm, getting them to cry is an achievement, and if I see anyone stating they lost their appetite I grin. As for my characters… I’m just glad they’re not alive because I do think they would hurt me for what I put them through.

2) Who are the biggest inspirations for your writing?

Well, my dreams and nightmares are the direct inspirations, but when it comes to people I guess Stephen King inspires me to want to write more and to push on. Also J.K. Rowling; the way she weaved all the little things into every Harry Potter book and how you can still discover new things when reading it for the tenth time is something I want to achieve as well. The fact that she got turned down multiple times before getting accepted and is now HUGE is also a great inspiration to me

3) Would you want to live in any of the worlds you created in your stories and if you were in them what kind of role do you think you would play?

Being a human in Dylix does not sound fun .__. being a demon there however could be plenty of fun ? I’d actually want to live in this other world I got going for a spin-off book of Millennium, but I still need to write that and at the moment it’s at the bottom of the list of stuff to do, so ? The Transcended universe could be fun, and I’d definitely want to be a scientist and do research on what causes Transcendence. (I almost gave a spoiler there ? )

4) If you could have written any other book that has already been written by someone else which book would it have been? What story do you wish you had come up with?

That’s a tough question… I guess At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft, though I could have never done it as much justice as he did. Likewise for Firestarter by Stephen King, or Carrie–I just have a thing for psychic powers :3 But I kinda had my own way with that in Millennium, and will even more in the second book (shh, spoiler).

5) Which character of yours do you do you identify with the most and why?

Pfew… You’re good at difficult questions ? I put a little bit of myself in almost all of my characters. Aislinn from Millennium would be the me I was in my teens (it was written in that period so no wonder there). Meya from My Lord would be the more current me, but more sexual. And Lucius would be the darker side of me that I hope will never move from my writings to reality.

Kylen: WoW… Thank you so much Shimaira for being a part of this interview and supplying amazing and insightful answers! Check her work out on wattpad @Shimaira



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