If you thought my books were intense and had some gruesome scenes then you should check out the works of LB Shimaira… Oh gee, I’m getting goosebumbs thinking about it. In and amongst my regular blog posts I will be posting Author\Book reviews on indie authors and books and try get their names out there as I am doing with mine. Today I will be telling you about one of my favourite authors on Wattpad, an online book sharing site where I have a lot of my works and interact with other writers. LB Shimaira is an amazing horror writer who really knows how to grip the readers attention and keep them on the edge of their seats right till the end. The first book I read of hers was ‘They call him Lucius’ which actually helped me with my own writing. She didn’t hold back in her writing and had some explicit, violent scenes that worked so damn well and gave me the confidence to do the same. Then there was ‘My Lord’, a book that made me feel all kind of emotion and left me awake at night with many questions. If you want to read some great books that don’t hold back, keep you gripped and send a shiver down your spine sometimes then check out Shimaira on wattpad.

See some of her writing in this anthology



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