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Author Interview: Shimaira

Welcome to my first author interview, hopefully this won’t be like my first character interview(Cain) where I had my life threatened‚Ķ Kylen: ‘Just to make sure, you aren’t threatening my life are you? …

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R.S. Kovach

My writing is kinda like brandy… It’s dark and it’s going to depress you,haha… R.S Kovach’s writing is more like a fine glass of wine, oh my word, what a classy writer. The way she artistically st …

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Jesse Sprague

One of my favourite wattpad authors and definately my fav sci-fi author. I have never really been a fan of the broader sci-fi genre really with the exception of Star Wars which is life, obviously… B …

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W.D. Frank

Anybody who knows me or has read anything I have ever written including my blog posts knows that I absolutely love all mythology… Anything with power and wonder… And my special love, anything to d …

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If you thought my books were intense and had some gruesome scenes then you should check out the works of LB Shimaira… Oh gee, I’m getting goosebumbs thinking about it. In and amongst my regular blog …

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