W.D. Frank

Anybody who knows me or has read anything I have ever written including my blog posts knows that I absolutely love all mythology… Anything with power and wonder… And my special love, anything to do with angels and demons. ‘Lucifer’s ladder’ by W.D Frank has it all. Firstly, it’s set in a Post-apocolyptic world… Yes! Apocolyptic worlds are all the craze now with the Zombie apocolypse in The Walking Dead and others but in this one it’s between the forces of angels and demons with humans caught in the middle… One of the things I personally enjoyed about this book is the use of lesser known angel characters and the proper uses of their names… It’s not all just Michael and Gabriel like most angel fiction stories. The main character is chosen as a candidate for Godhood… Who doesn’t want to back a guy that could be god one day?… ‘Lucifer’s Ladder’ is full of rich mythology, it goes places other books are too scared to go and it just doesn’t hold back. The action is intense and the story is wild and amazing. If you looking for some amazing creativity and a unique story of demons, gods and angels then get this book on amazon today… Do it… It is worth it…



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