Is it weird and confusing when your characters you created are smarter than you…? Yes, yes it is. When I create a character, it isn’t just a name with a short back story that eventually dies(lots of my characters die, sorry). My characters have hopes and dreams, fears and dislikes. I give them full range of emotions which I feel and I think like they would think. Most times that takes me to very dark places emotionally and sometimes opens me up to new thoughts and emotion. On more than one occasion some of my creations have been faced with tricky situations and when I thought and felt like them I made their decisions in the book and as I wrote I was completely stunned and surprised because I knew in my heart that I would have made a different decision and that my characters in my brain that I made up make better life decisions than me. Yes, that happens.

I have tried to think like my characters in real life but that never works out right because I am me and they are them… They are their own entities and I can only be them when writing… Weird right? They are real to me and when one of them dies… I can’t even handle. It’s like losing family, I cry. Does it affect you as well, as writers or readers? I still remember watching the simpsons and Lisa was crying and Marge’s first question to her was, ‘Did something bad happen to someone in a book you’re reading?’ Sometimes I get lost in fiction… I truly do not know how George R.R Martin does it… I would be even more of a wreck I am now. I wonder how one of my characters would deal with losing so many characters if they were writing a book… oh yeah, most of my characters are psychopaths so they wouldn’t care… oh well… does that make me a psychopath?… Oh gee… Excuse me while I go have an existential crisis…

See how G.R.R. Martin kills off his characters worse than I do:



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