Daddy Issues

So it seems that everybody has daddy issues nowadays and I am no exception. Without realising it or rather sub-consciously it seems I have imprinted those issues and given them to my characters in my books… Although their situations are a little more extreme than mine. Za’aphael’s father in ‘Wrath of God’ killed his mother in front of him when he was just a boy and is his whole driving force on killing men who hurt woman… James Crowley’s father in the ‘As Shadows’ trilogy was a hero in the FBI giving James huge shoes to fill and he died when James was a teenager leaving James with a destiny he felt he couldn’t live up to. Then there is my ‘While Gods’ I am currently writing which is the winner of all the daddy issues awards,haha… The son is the main enemy of the father and they try kill each other then save each then try kill each other… It’s just… Well, you will just have to read for yourself…. It seems to be a common theme in a lot of tv series and movies but it is something I feel a lot of people can relate to… I know a lot of single mothers with some emotionally broken children… Hopefully that will change soon and I can write a book about a good wholesome family… Those still do exist right? Hehe… All I know is that family is more than blood… You all family to me.



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