I am a god… Not the god, not one that anyone worships but i am a god. With a pen and a paper I create entire worlds, I give life and distribute death. I am lord of creation and destruction, my will is done… And to be honest, I’m quite a cruel god, haha… In the television series Supernatural, Metatron says that every time a human tells a story it creates a world in the multiverse where that story plays out. Imagine if my words really do create a universe? And even if they don’t, the worlds I create are real to me and I know I put my characters through a lot… Especially James Crowley from the As Shadows Trilogy. If he is real somewhere out there in the multiverse then he really hates me. I have always wondered what it would be like to be a god and I think it does show in my writing… In my As Shadows Trilogy our emotions create light and dark and shape our futures so in a way we are our own gods and in my While Gods Trilogy I have actual Primal Gods which was very interesting to write. It was amazing to put myself in the mind of the creator of the universe and think how I think he would think… Gee, what a sentence… Maybe it is a good thing that I only have power over my own characters and worlds in my books because as I said earlier and as evident in my books… I am a cruel god… I should not be given power, hehe… How do you think you would do as a god?



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