Good Bad

Severus Snape from Harry Potter and Itachi Uchiha from Naruto… two of the greatest characters in fiction ever in my opinion. They were the coolest, most intense badass guys ever who played the most convincing and terrifying villains that were in reality actually heroes that sacrificed everything for the ones they loved. Both of them played their roles so well and the duality between the good and bad that they were was so inspiring to me… to put so much emotion and complexity into a character was my dream. I have a character who is following a similar journey and struggles being bad while he is truly good and is sacrificing his joy in life to help someone else… My other characters are more fluid in their representations. Za’aphael from Wrath of God is a bad guy who thinks he is a good guy who is kind of bad and just transitions between the two. Most of my characters in my books are victims of circumstance… some of them are truly bad but I don’t feel that my good guys are all good… they just need to do good for self-preservation or such…

My favourite character I wrote was Kol in my new While Gods Trilogy. He is incredibly layered and I still don’t know myself if he is good or bad… I can’t wait to found out… Who is your favourite complex character?

See one of the greatest moments ever where Snape utters that word… ‘always’… Tears.



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