Jesse Sprague

One of my favourite wattpad authors and definately my fav sci-fi author. I have never really been a fan of the broader sci-fi genre really with the exception of Star Wars which is life, obviously… But most sci-fi books try to be too fantastical, have too many characters with complicated names, too many different species and worlds and it’s all put together in a confusing mash-up that I just cannot relate to… Then I started reading Jesse’s book ‘Spiders Game’ and the follow-up ‘Spiders Gambit’ and I was so hooked. It has the creative new creatures, names and worlds thatmake sci-fi authentic but then also has such relatable characters and emotion that just draws you into the story. Her writing is enchanting and she just has a way of keeping you reading more. Her new book on wattpad, ‘Beneath the 5th City’ is honestly my favourite so far as the Alien race that has taken over are referred to as Gods and we all know how much I love Gods,haha… But honestly it’s a great story of survival, cunning and emotion and I definately recommend. Her amazing short story ‘Awake’ is featured in the Onceuponnow compilation done by Target and Wattpad… It is amazing, get it on Amazon and be amazed.



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