Killer Monologues

So I am pretty sure I became an author just so I could write all the fun killer monologues from all the weird and creepy serial killers I have in my head…. There are so many… I absolutely love writing the monologue that the killer gives to his victim just before he kills him. Where he speaks about why he became a killer, why he kills in his particular method and why he choose that particular victim. I have always been fascinated with this and I have quite a few monologues in my books already. One of my favourites was Cain’s in As Shadows Scream. Now, on Wattpad, I am starting a project called Killer Monologues in which I will write a series of short stories, each of them a different killer monologue. I would really like to start something and have other people participate, for other people to also write killer monologues and for us to discuss them and comment on the psychology of the killers and such. I would really love participation and to get the hashtag #KillerMonologues trending. My first story is the ‘Red Phoenix’ and is about a delusional psychopath with dreams of rebirth, hoping to regain control of his life that spiralled out of his control. Check it out on Wattpad and participate. #KillerMonologues



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