Sitting behind an old typewriter, fire crackling in the background as you puff on an old pipe while wearing a cardigan in the study… Hopefully one day I will write like that but for now it is definitely not the best place for me to write. For me if I had to sit down behind a desk and write in a quiet room I would go insane and have nothing to write about. I can’t plan when I am going to write, it just happens. I have about 50 notebooks that are stashed everywhere in my house, in my bag, at a friends house and I carry a small notebook in my pocket at all times because ideas can come from anywhere at any time. I have found that most ideas come to me at night, either when I am lying in bed, taking a shower or having a walk outside. When this ideas come I quickly rush to a notepad and scribble them down until they are lost forever. Then I put on my earphones, play some very heavy metal and I write using my notepad scribbles as guidelines. Silence is evil, I cannot write when it’s quiet… I need constant noise. I have tried to sit on the beach and write while the sun was setting… it was beautiful and felt like a scene in a movie but then I fell asleep on the beach and was woken by people who thought I was homeless… so if I had to say personally where the best location is to write I would say on the couch, in underwear with a plate of food, lots of coffee and metal playing loudly… oh yes… Always keep a notepad next to your bed and outside the shower, hehe… any other questions anybody has please don’t be afraid to comment… awesomeness.

Metal I listen to while I write books:



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