‘Avada Kedavra!’ I think I have said those words more than my own name. I have always wanted to do magic and have always wanted to incorporate it into my books. ‘Wrath of God’ was an action thriller with no magic or fantasy elements and ‘As Shadows Trilogy’ had power but it had to do with darkness/light and emotion. ‘While Gods Whisper’ became my opportunity to incorporate some magic. While I wished I could do some cool Harry Potter spoken word spells but it just didn’t fit with my more serious and dark horror story. I enjoyed the rune magic used in ‘The Painted Man’ and colour magic in ‘The Dark Prism’ but it was the sigil magic used in Garth Nix’s book ‘Sabriel’ that I thought would really work for me. There was also an issue of ‘Constantine’ where John Constantine used blood sigil magic and it just worked. So i used the fun signage of sigil magic but made it hardcore because it can only be drawn in blood and requires life force to strengthen the magic… So lots of death is needed. Another kind of magic I have is in the Gods names… Names have power and saying a Gods name could have serious consequences… There is so many different ways to use magic and I always try atleast 1 of them a day just to make sure that magic hasn’t somehow become real… What’s your favourite type of magic? Does anybody else try to do spells just in case? Hehe… Check out some awesome magic and a great story in ‘Sabriel’



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