More than ideas

‘Oh my word, you are an author? You should write a book about my life!’… This sentence I hear so many times… Also, ‘I have so many ideas, I can help you sometime’… I write horror, not autobiographies… and I have way too many ideas. Writing a book is more than just having an idea or something to write about. Obviously you do need one, it is the starting point, but after that it’s plot, characterization, emotion, development and pace. I have written numerous stories that started with brilliant ideas and went absolutely nowhere. Sometimes all I have is ideas and the difficulty is in stringing all those ideas together into something cohesive. Your book can’t be all action and plot twists, you need to pace it out, puff out your characters and build tension. My first book, ‘Wrath of God’ took 3 years to complete. I had my ideas, I knew how the book would end before I even began writing it but stringing those ideas together was an insane journey. Some days I would write 20 pages in one day like a demon and then it would take me 2 months to write a single sentence.

Writing a book is a marathon, it’s a mission and it’s so much more than people think.

It’s a long and arduous task to finish a book but the feeling when you’re done… oh gee, the sense of accomplishment… it is bliss. Hmmmm, excuse me as I go finish my next book so I can feel that again… bliss.



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