Music in my head

My mind is a crazy, scary but wonderful place and guess what?… It has a soundtrack! Whenever I write some lyrics or think of a new tune or even if I want to sing an acoustic version of a metal song or vice versa, I go to the fictional bands that play in my mind. Yes, i have made up bands in my head with cool names, album cover art and badass back stories… Since I have spent most of my life listening to Linkin Park, most of my bands sound similar. ‘Saving Sanity’ is my hard rock band with a Linkin Park vibe mixed with a little Breaking Benjamin. When I am in a darker mood I go to ‘Soul Silencer’, my intense metal band with a sound mixed between La Dispute, Underoath and Chelsea Grin. They play in my head during my more intense moments but when I need to calm down I play the acoustic folk sounds of my last fictional artist, ‘Kay Gregori’ He is my singer-songwriter with a Mumford and Sons mixed with John Mayer feel. Whenever I write any new poetry I like to get him to play it for me in my mind… Yes, this is what I do… In my books, my characters listen to my fictional bands as well. In ‘As Shadows Scream’ James Crowley listens to ‘Saving Sanity’ and muses on their one lyric, ‘the sun is the greatest supplier of shadows.’ I unfortunately can’t play any instruments and my voice will make deaf people cry but I have a powerful imagination and I love to make music in my mind… Anybody else do this? What are your bands/artists? Hmmmmm, well right now I am listening to some chilled vibes by Kay Gregori and as his chorus goes, ‘Be the best kind of you that you can be.’
Peace. Mic drop…

Take a listen to the band and the album that i draw a lot of inspiration from…



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