Naming characters… Sometimes sooooo much fun, sometimes the reason the world has so many serial killers. It tests your creativity and your sanity. Coming up with a name that rolls off the tongue, sticks in the mind, is simple but not too simple, something that hasn’t been used before and something catchy is not as easy as most people think. My first main character was from ‘Wrath of God’ and I named him Kyle Palmer. Kyle obviously because it was the closest to my own name Kylen. I wrote this story in the first person perspective, it was my first major book and I needed to be in the mindset of the character so keeping the name close made it more personal i feel. The surname sort of just fit… I can’t remember where I heard it before but after I wrote down Kyle, my hand just wrote Palmer. With my As Shadows Trilogy I had more fun. My main character James Crowley is tethered to the darkness and is caught between good and evil. James comes from James Potter, Harry Potter’s dad who I saw as strong and righteous. James is the good and Crowley is the bad. Crowley I got from the demon in the tv series Supernatural who becomes the king of hell. In my latest book, While Gods Whisper my main character is named Kol Mason. I have always liked the name Kol… Starting from Khol Drogo on Game of Thrones, Kol from Vampire Diaries and a previous character I had in a short story, Cole Thorin. The surname Mason just sounded strong and worked… Sometimes names just sound right. Naming the serial killers and bad guys… Now that was easy and so much fun. Cain, The Minuteman, The Gentleman, Kajiian, Riot, Lucifer… So much fun,hehe… I just hope the names I have chosen worked and will be legendary names that children are named after like Han Solo and Harry Potter…

Watch one of the best names ever in one of the best movies ever!



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