Nerdrant 1.0

Ok,so this my my first nerd rant on my blog… I made this blog to talk about my writing and show people a glimpse into my mind and so here it is… My mind unfiltered. So I have just finished watching the anime One Piece up to the latest episode as well as Naruto and finished reading the manga Bleach so I’m just here like ‘what now?’ I binge-watched and through myself into those worlds and now?… Trying to get into Fairytail but just not feeling that hype like I did with the others, I mean, I have posters of the Akatsuki on my wall with a pictures of characters from bleach and one piece that I look at while wearing my Uchiha hoodie… Then I finished the 3rd book in Brent Weeks amazing ‘Lighbringer’ series which ended with the most insane cliffhanger which made my rush to the bookstore only to find out that book 4 only comes out in January next year! This creates another problem for me as I have been listening to two great bands, Hotel Books and La Dispute and I only really listen to them when I read… When I read on Wattpad I listen to Twenty One Pilots and Nothing,Nowhere…. Every activity has a different soundtrack, it’s just how I am… And now onto Power Rangers… Firstly, I used to love every season of Power Rangers all the way up to Megaforce, then I watched anime, decided to watch Super Sentai and now DinoCharge just isn’t that cool in english… But the upcoming live action movie looks amazing! And Bill hader as Alpha 5!I love Bill Hader! I hope it comes out amazing, I have suffered too many disappointments lately… Batman vs Superman was… It’s too painful to talk about, it could have been perfect,it had the potential.. And then Suicide Squad, another movie of promise that just wasn’t put together right… Alteast Doctor Strange was amazing! It was a Marvel movie at it’s core and was a fun watch… Talking of fun watches, Supernatural is back on televison and so is The Flash so I have some distractions to keep my mind busy while I wait for more anime episodes and book four of the Lightbringer series. I have a lot of things that keep me smiling, there is so much imagination in this world and I am so happy that I can add a little to it. Imagination and creativity… This is what makes my world go round.



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