R.S. Kovach

My writing is kinda like brandy… It’s dark and it’s going to depress you,haha… R.S Kovach’s writing is more like a fine glass of wine, oh my word, what a classy writer.

The way she artistically strings words together is something to aspire to. When I read her Beloved Trilogy I felt more sophisticated myself. The writing is impeccable and attention to detail in her descriptions are so on point. You can see the research done in her writing and the most impressive aspect of her writing to me is the incredible romance. A lot of romance in books is very cheesy and I struggle to get into it and believe it but she weaves her characters so well that you are drawn into the relationship yourself and find yourself feeling their emotions. My personal favourite book by her which you should definately check out on wattpad is ‘The Keepers’. Obviously I liked it because it is a gothic horror and I love horror. It was spectacular in it’s detail and clever writing and had me gripped from start to finish. If you would like to read something incredible from this classy writer then check out her ebook on Amazon.com, a wonderful romance/drama… Get a glass of wine and treat yourself…



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