Relationships…… ooooooooooh, haha. Love is weird and awkward, I have never been too good at it I think but I do need it and so do my characters in my books. Romance in my writing is something I really struggle with but is something I am working really hard on because it draws in the readers more ad opens doors to a wider range of emotions. In the As Shadows Trilogy my main couple is James and Casey. James can sense sin and is tethered to the darkness making him isolated from most people as he suffers in agony because of his abilities. Casey is his light, easing his pain and connecting him to the world, giving him something to fight for. They are opposites but they compliment each other and fit like a puzzle. So do I believe opposites attract? Ahhh, that is difficult to say. In my new While Gods Trilogy, Jane and Kol have similar attitudes and taste and its the things they have in common that fuels their relationship…. I have dated females opposite and similar to me and I can’t really decide…. What is it that makes the perfect relationship? Is it sometimes just circumstance? Events that bring people together? Hmmmm, lets look at my top 3 fantasy couples…. At number 3 is Tommy the original green Power Ranger and Kim the Pink Ranger. Kim was my crush growing up and Tommy my hero. They admired each others strength, determination and virtues and were both totally awesome. At number 2 is Naruto and Hinata from the anime Naruto. Never before have I wanted two people to get together…. Just the way Hinata looked at Naruto… I would do anything to have someone look at me like that. My all time favourite fantasy couple….. Eve and Wall-E because…. Oh gee…. Tell me you didn’t tear up…..

May you find that kind of love one day and if you have it already then well done…… Beep Boop Beep

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