So I was reading comics the other day and I got thinking… are all bad guys on some kind of schedule? Dr Doom has the first week of the month, Thanos has the next week then Ultron and Galactus has every leap year or something? As soon as someone’s plans for world domination are foiled there is another bad guy waiting and ready to have his turn… Wouldn’t it be funny if Loki was there about to do his thing and Annihilus showed up like, ‘Hey this is my Tuesday, you have the 20th,’ and Loki takes out his schedule and is like, ‘Oh damn, my bad’ and leaves with Thor laughing his ass off and then once every gathers themselves Annihilus begins his bad guy monologue…

Luckily for me in my As Shadows Trilogy my bad guys don’t need a schedule as they are all a result of each other. The shadow beasts in book 1 create the unseen in book 2 that unleash Lucifer in book 3. My new trilogy is a little trickier but the line between good guy and bad guy is so fluid that they don’t really need attacking schedules, hehe… I did have 1 issue though where I wanted to bring in a cool new bad guy I had thought up and I had no idea how to add him in the book at that point.

Sometimes you just have to wait until the good guys are finished with one bad guy before putting in another or it just messes with the story. As much as we think ‘why don’t they all attack him at once?’ it is cool to see Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan fight crowds of henchman one at a time… So plan your schedules for your bad guys… or Thor will laugh at you, hehe…

Check out Ultron fight the avengers while Thanos waits for his turn:



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