Sex, it’s a touchy subject, hehe… or maybe it isn’t? It is all over the place today, in every movie and series (oh gee, Game of Thrones) and has become less taboo and part of life… it happens in reality so it should happen in fiction right? I have had great difficulty writing sex scenes… I have practised, I have blushed and I have almost died from embarrassment. I was actually writing one scene at my previous job. I was a bartender and it was during the week on a day shift. Day shifts can be really quiet so during those times I like to write and on that day I just so happened to be writing that particular scene… unbeknownst to me, a customer was behind me reading over my shoulder and then started laughing and calling her friends to come read and there was I, red in the face trying to hide the book… oh gee… what a day. I have now written two sexy scenes… the first one is in As Shadows Riot and is pretty rough… not exactly 50 Shades of Grey but pretty intense and not for sensitive readers. I put that scene in because it was necessary for the plot… it really was. My second sex scene was a little more deviant and violent and involved murder… ahem, well… I got a comment from one of my readers who happened to be a 14 year old that I had destroyed all innocence that she had with that chapter… oops. It is a difficult thing to write, the line between too cheesy, overly pornographic and not enough description is very thin. I have no idea how authors like Raymond E.Feist and Eric Van Lustbader do it so well and it just fits in the story…

Even though it’s really hard atleast it has a happy ending… that’s like two puns!

See a master at work, one of my favorite books:



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