‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live!’ Oh how I would love to write for SNL. It has been a dream for a long time, before I started writing hardcore thriller/horror I loved writing jokes and comedy jokes. I have this one idea for a sketch where a man and a woman are sitting in a shady hotel room using innuendo to broker a deal for some ‘adult activities’ and as soon as they come to an understanding they both pull out police badges and declare they undercover cops and the other is under arrest and then another undercover cop kicks down the door shouting ‘police!you are under arrest!’ Someone else hangs out the window pointing his guy then another comes from down the hall. It turns out everyone in the hotel is an undercover cop and they all check their schedules like, ‘oh Jerry, you had Tuesday, my bad.’ Then after they all leave, a loosely dressed woman walks into the hotel like, ‘Hello, I have 30 appointments today. Is that one at a time or all at once?’ Haha, it will be funnier acted out, lol. After writing for SNL I would love to write for crime shows like Criminal Minds. You know I can come up with some interesting and creepy psychopaths… Then obviously I would want to write for Supernatural, the series. It is a show with so much creative freedom and rich mythology… I could do so well there… But the television series I would like to be a writer the most for would be… ‘As Shadows’ the series! Can you imagine my As Shadows Trilogy as a tv series? I can… And it’s amazing… Sensing sin and taking down the darkest of threats both human and supernatural… Somebody make this happen! I really hope to be a television writer one day, it is one of my big dreams on my bucket list… Nothing is impossible…



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