Where I’m at

Hello peeps… so this post is about… where I’m at, haha… where you at? Let’s begin… I am currently working on some new Lame Joke Larry cartoons that you should totally check on this site, look at the icon at the top… I am figuring out social media(add me on instagram) wishing I can get #KillerMonologues trending and get people writing and participating… would be so cool… I’m at page 240 OF Inkheart, a book I read as a teenager but i am reading again because it is a book that makes you appreciate books… I’m at episode 72 of the anime Fairytale which is really growing on me. At first I wasn’t impressed… I had just watched 750 episodes of One Piece so I think I was expecting too much but it has really gotten good and i am totally in love with Erza Scarlet. I am currently writing chapter 2 of While Gods Sacrifice, Book 2 of the While Gods Trilogy… Check out book 1 on wattpad if you haven’t yet… it’s serial killers, primal gods, so much blood and enough twists and turns to make anybody dizzy. I’m at a creative high point in my life I feel and it’s because of the people around me. The new friends I have made, the online community… especially wattpad… their are just great people who have inspired me and when I am not reading great works of fellow authors or smiling and enjoying all the creativity this life has to offer, I am creating what i can… and that is where i am at… where you at? let me know



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