Why so dark?

I have always loved reading and writing and I have also been an emotional weirdo most of my life as well. It was only in Grade 10 though when I learned the direction in which I wanted my writing to go. We read and studied a book in class called, ‘We need to talk about Kevin’. In it, Kevin goes to school and kills a bunch of his classmates as well as his sister and father. He didn’t kill his mother because he said he hated her the most and wanted her to suffer the results of his actions. There were a lot of psychological questions raised by the book and the one that got to me was, ‘nature or nurture?’ At the trial the mother said that Kevin was born evil and that she did her best as a mother raising him. So the question asked was, ‘Can a child be born evil or is it upbringing and experiences that make a person bad?’ I started thinking about what makes people do what they do, what could lead a person to become a killer and where evil came from. I watched the television series ‘Dexter’ that explored the psyche of a killer and I was so intrigued. It became a huge influence in my writing. I also feel that you can explore a larger range of emotion in a darker book than a lighter one. When I try write lighter material it just seems cliché and dull. When you read something happy you smile and then you forget about it later but when you read something that gives you chills, makes you question and that disturbs you slightly while still keeping you gripped…  that you think about for a while and that is what I want. I want my readers to feel a full range of emotion and I want to leave them with something to think about. That is why I write dark horror… or I’m just a messed up psychopath with dangerous thoughts… who knows? Hehe…

To read the book that inspired me, get it here:

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