Worlds Best Story

World’s best story is back! I am so excited I cannot contain my excitement! I was part of the competition last time where I entered the first book I had written, ‘Wrath of God’. To my surprise my story came 10th in the world! It was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed the competition, made friends and learnt a whole lot. This year I am entering my newest story ‘While God’s Whisper’. I feel my writing has matured and I have a lot more to offer so I am optimistic and excited for this years competition. The first round is voting based so I need those votes! To vote you need to go to and sign-up as a reader. You vote on the different aspects of the story such as plot and characters and then rate it as a movie, book or graphic novel. I personally want to see my book in print form and I also think it would make an awesome graphic novel. Voters are entered into weekly draws to win prizes so please vote and vote honestly! You are all heroes!



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